Bird Concerns EP Release show

Bootleg Theater Presents

Bird Concerns EP Release show

Moontalk, Albert and his Dreamboats

Sun. March 12, 2017

8:00 pm

Bootleg Theater - Bar Stage

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

Bird Concerns
Bird Concerns
The Bird Concerns quintet takes influence from American folk music, rock, and jazz styles to create honest, original pop songs, sung by all five members through rich and intricate vocal arrangements.
An experimental pop outfit from Paris, Los Angeles and Chicago, MOONTALK coalesces subtly fierce gems from ephemera lurking at the border between perception and emotional intuition. Their songs and soundscapes seem like radio transmissions from another world, conjuring a sense of impossible nostalgia for something that has not yet happened. Featuring an extremely unconventional array of instruments, the trio’s live performances are both structured and improvisational, chaotic but controlled, never quite the same but threaded throughout by Greene’s haunting and powerful vocal delivery. MOONTALK’s studio output ranges between aggressively experimental sound & noise collage and simple, heartfelt songwriting, consistency supplied more by the feeling and sense of place evoked than by any specific structure or element.

Naomi Greene sings and plays electric harp, and writes most of the lyrics. She also occasionally plays keyboards.

Tim Horner plays synthesizers, and uses MIDI to control other synthesizers as well as the nervous tissue of small animals.

Theo Karon plays percussion, tape loops, samples and synthesizers, and acts as producer & engineer for the band’s studio work.
Albert and his Dreamboats
Albert and his Dreamboats
Albert and His Dreamboats is a southern California country band comprised of a line-up of experienced LA musicians. I met my Dreamboats while pursuing a music degree at CalArts- each of them, at the time, engaged in projects spanning from hardcore math rock to 1920's New Orleans Jazz. What brought us all together was a shared sense of humor and deep appreciation of great song writing, especially those penned by the hillbilly Shakespeare, Hank Williams.

After two years apart, each of us touring and recording with different groups, we all found ourselves back in Los Angeles. During that time, Roger Miller took full residency in my headphones; I realized great country music has no set form. Pick up trucks and tales of heartbreak delivered with a southern twang isn't a requirement- just commonplace.

This realization took the pressure off, and led to a string of songs that would eventually become "Seven Songs to Whistle While Your Fishin'." Robert Anderson, a drummer I had toured with in the past, was the first to join me on these recordings. With only one microphone and two days time we cranked out seven tracks.

I brought these recordings to Jordan Bush, an incredibly talented multi instrumentalist and close friend, who provided harmonica, saxophone, and pedal steel. After a little over a week we had fifty hand assembled CD's and the beginnings of a country band. I shared the CD's with Dylan Rodrigue (Guitar, Bible Study) and Thomas Berg (Bass, Buckaroo), two musicians I've admired for years, and they both responded with fantastic encouragement and interest in joining the lineup.

With the lineup now set, we released the 2015 holiday album, "Seven Songs to Whistle While You Christmas" and have begun playing around Los Angeles and San Francisco.

All in all, I'm trying to write the kind of songs I'd like to hear and put on the kind of shows I'd like to see. Our story is in it's earliest chapters, but I'm confident in what this will become and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride so far.

Thanks for checking us out- we'd love to have you on board!

Warm Greetings,

Cpt. Albert T. Hickman
Venue Information:
Bootleg Theater - Bar Stage
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90057