Co-Prod with The Repo Division

In this multimedia collaboration between local artists, four interwoven plays, an art installation and musical performances combine to examine the complicated relationships between people facing certain annihilation. The works in Doomsday Kiss center on Randal Maxit, a has-been designer of the apocalypse desperate to atone for his sins.


Writers: Clay Hazelwood, Sharon Yablon, Eva Anderson & Wes Walker

Directors: Andy Hopper, Gordon Vandenberg, Adrian Alex Cruz & Amber Skalski

Actors: Niamh McCormally, Gray Palmer, Annie Weirich, Shaughn Buchholz, Hank Bunker, Mickey Swenson, Tina Van Berkelaer, Michael Dunn, Jessica Hanna, Ben Messmer, Alina Phelan, Babar Peerzada, Alana Dietze, Lily Holleman, Jacqueline Wright

Artists featured in the lobby installation: Ron Dotson, Jorge Javier Lopez, Derrick Maddox, Rigo Maldonado, Anne Martens, Guadalupe Rodriguez, Rebeka Rodriguez, Sandy Rodriguez, Brian Scott, Allessandro Thompson, Armando H. Torres, Vincent Villafranca, Victor Wilde and Scott Winterowd

Curated by Sandy Rodriguez