January 2010

A Phantasmagorical Evocation of Lewis Carroll’s Hallucinatory Classic

Project Wonderland is an homage to the mystery, power and beauty of a strange literary masterpiece and a tribute to its author, the enigmatic Reverend Charles Dodgson, better known to the world through his nom de plume, Lewis Carroll.

In its action, the Reverend is transformed during a vision quest into his own creation, Alice, and thrown down his own rabbit hole to confront the bizarre characters of his own psyche. Working in close proximity to the text, Project Wonderland creates a bizarrely outrageous dream-like- ever-morphing carnival  of wonder, mystery, grotesquery and mischief. A celebration of the theater’s potential for magic and the potency of the storyteller’s art.



LA Weekly: “Wonderland is familiar turf — a trip though our childhood memories of the text and the Disney cult cartoon laced with Jefferson Airplane and melodramatic music but otherwise played straight.”

LA Theatre: “Prior’s inventive staging flows beautifully from one scene to another, full of absolutely stunning visuals”


Ovation Awards 2010
Winner Best Costumes
Nominee Best Score
Nominee Best Lyrics
Nominee Best Production

32nd Annual LA Weekly Theatre Awards
Nominee Costume Design
Nominee Puppet Design