Co-Prod with Evan Brenner

Writer-performer Evan Brenner stars in this bio-play, Buddha: A Fantastic Journey, directed by Tony- and Oscar-nominated stage and film actor John  C. Reilly. The show tells the life story of the man we know as Buddha, who lived in Northern India around 500 B.C. and introduced the teaching known as Buddhism. Derived from ancient Buddhist sources, the script illuminates this religious icon’s life in insightful ways. It makes for a great adventure story that conveys the evolution of his thought, his triumphs, and the rarely portrayed tragedy at the end of his life.

LA Times: “Brenner possesses remarkable poise. He delivers the material as though floating on an invisible cloud.”

Backstage: “Brenner performs it with the same simplicity and quiet authority, free of distracting mannerisms or regionalisms. Sheela Bringi and Jaeger Smith add richness to the production by providing Indian music, played on traditional Indian instruments.”