November 2012

You’ve probably heard of Arthur Miller’s classic American play Death of a Salesman. Well, forgot about all of that. This is Death of a Salesgirl, a new and unique interdisciplinary play written by and starring Patricia Scanlon (Hildy Hildy). It’s about a “Salesgirl” breaking in a new territory, literally and metaphorically, as she limps doggedly forward, despite being crippled by a strange nostalgia and a stone in her shoe. It’s a play about how we might not be able to cure the past, but we just might be able to cure ourselves.

Written by Patricia Scanlon

Directed by Matthew McCray

Starring Patricia Scanlon, Paul Dillon and Jeremy Mascia Scenic & Lighting by Francois-Pierre Couture

Projections by Adam Flemming

Sound by John Zalewski

Animation by Dan Lund


The Los Angeles Beat: “…something you’ve never seen before”

Stage and Cinema: “Its fresh and innovative use of space coupled with its inspired use of integrated multimedia make the already powerful piece that much more immediate to today’s attention deficient audience.”


LA Weekly Theatre Awards

  • LA Weekly Award Best Sound Design
  • LA Weekly Award Best Video Projection
  • LA Weekly Nomination Best Production
  • LA Weekly Nomination Best Scenic Design
  • LA Weekly Nomination Best Lighting Design
  • LA Weekly Nomination Best 2 Person Performance