June-July 2012

Written & Performed by Kristina Wong

Directed by Paul Tei

Going Green the Wong Way brings our contemporary urban environment to life, revealing just how tricky it is to “do the right thing.”

At a young age Kristina Wong was tapped by Mother Earth and entrusted with a quest: Save the Planet. In this critically-acclaimed mad-cap comedy, Wong weaves her true-life adventures as a tireless missionary of recycling. From confrontational 6th grade science projects to exploding vehicles powered by vegetable oil, join Wong as she crusades for sustainable living in today’s complicated climate. Going Green The Wong Way will have everyone asking What Would Mother Earth Do?


LA Weekly: “She’s a very funny lone warrior, losing a war of her own making but winning battles of conscience, plucking small victories where she can…┬áit’s a smart, brazen and raunchy parody of political correctness.”

Backstage: “Wong is an energetic, witty, uninhibited performer, and with the assistance of director Paul Tei, she has produced a seamless, sure-fire comedic turn.”


Going Green the Wong Way TRAILER