Louis Malle's GOD'S COUNTRY (1985) + Lee Grant's THE WILLMAR 8 (1981)
Presented by Projections, Vidiots, and Bootleg Theater

Louis Malle's GOD'S COUNTRY (1985) + Lee Grant's THE WILLMAR 8 (1981)

Bootleg TheaterLos AngelesCA
Doors at 5:15 PM Show at 5:30 PM

Join us, The Video Consortium, and Cinema Eye Honors, for a special 16mm screening of two revelatory, and timely documentaries about life in America.

In GOD'S COUNTRY, French director Louis Malle (ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS, MY DINNER WITH ANDRE) turns his camera on the farming community of Glencoe, Minnesota for an intimate outsider’s portrait of middle America. In 1979, the community is thriving, and the film unfolds as a beguiling humanist portrait of the individual day-to-day hopes, disappointments and eccentricities of the town’s residents. However, Malle, forced to abandon the project early, returns in 1985 (coincidentally the year Vidiots opened) to follow up, and finds that things have taken a dark turn during the Reagan era.

Academy Award-winning actress/director Lee Grant’s landmark, 50-minute documentary THE WILLMAR 8 profiles a group of eight women who, in 1981, carried out the longest bank strike in American history to protest gender discrimination at great cost to their reputations, marriages and livelihoods in the 14,000-person town of Willmar, Minnesota — 60 miles north of Glencoe.

We're thrilled to have our friends at The Video Consortium and Cinema Eye Honors joining us to co-present this program!

Archival film prints courtesy of Projections LA, Janus Films and California Newsreel.

Please note: Stand-by tickets will be available night of show on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All ticket holders must be seated 15 minutes prior to show start time or tickets are subject to re-sale.


Full bar at the Bootleg Theater. There is street parking, or a free lot at the church across the street on Beverly/Roselake. Any questions, please email projectionsla@gmail.com.



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Bootleg Theater
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