Write Club Los Angeles
Presented by Bootleg Theater

Write Club Los Angeles

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All Ages
WRITE CLUB is: 3 rounds -- 2 opposing writers with 2 opposing ideas in each round -- 7 minutes apiece.

Greetings WRITE CLUB family and those-that-are-soon-to-be WRITE CLUB family,

We request your attendance as we offer a cornucopia of food for thought.

Fall, the midpoint between death and rebirth. A time for us to decide how we finish out the year. Run through the tape with us and FALL UP!


6 Writers, 3 rounds, 2 opposing thoughts.

7 minutes apiece, not a second longer.

The ruckus and legendary Write Club Audience picks the winners!

WRITE CLUB LA is happy to have this months Combatants bringing a bulletproof round of verbal trimmings:


Douglas Green vs Ashton Cynthia Clarke


Sheila Johnson vs Katya Duft


Brian Sonia-Wallace vs Bobby Gordon

Come cheer on your favorites to Everlasting Glory!

& Its A for Charity!!!

***Show starts at 7, be there early enough to grab a drink and a seat

Bootleg has a FULL-SERVICE BAR ***

Portion of the proceeds go to the winners' Charities of Choice

as they vie for the vaunted Loving Cup of Deathless Glory!

Hosted by your Archduke of Awesome, Justin Welborn

Michael Dunn, the GUERILLA CHEF will share advice on how to suitably gorge your grill.

Write Club LA is produced by Justin Welborn,

Ruben Maldonado, Emilie Hall, Yelena Litvak, & Jonathon Rios!

Audio, Video & Time Guru-Ru: Ruben Maldonado

Mistress of Books and Doors Producer: Yelena Litvak,

Guidance and Guardian: Jessica Freeman

Associate Producer of Infinite Lovingness: Emilie Hall

Philosopher of the West (Producer): Jonathan Rios

Minister of Propaganda: Lizzy Denneh

Nomes d'Esprit: Paula Killen, Jeffrey Dorchen

SPECIAL THANKS to our amazing audience! We always appreciate you for packing the house.

Please keep coming back and bringing your FAMILY, FRIENDS and FRENEMIES.

YOU keep the dream alive!

PWYC $10 -20 at the Door

(it's a Charity show ya mooks so give what ye can!)

Venue Information:
Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90057