Solo Queens Fest - Valerie Hager's NAKED IN ALASKA

Solo Queens Fest - Valerie Hager's NAKED IN ALASKA

Sat. November 18, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm (event ends at 9:00 pm)

Bootleg Theater

Los Angeles, CA

$10.00 - $20.00

Solo Queen Festival presents

Valerie Hager's NAKED IN ALASKA

The True Story of Stripping in the Last Frontier

NAKED IN ALASKA: The True Story of Stripping in the Last Frontier recently featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine is the hit autobiographical solo play written and performed by actress and movement artist Valerie Hager.

The show follows her ten-year career as an exotic dancer (most of which takes place in Alaska) as she strives to redeem the outcast and addict she was during as a kid

At 21, newly sober and recently evicted, Valerie is invited by her best friend Raven to work at a strip club. An evening that begins in innocence and excitement over making some easy cash seduces her into a ten-year career that tests the limits of friendship and her will to survive.

Director & dramaturg: Scott Wesley Slavin

Total Run Time: 80 Minutes (no intermission)


Solo Queens Fest
Solo Queens Fest
Bootleg Presents Solo Queens Fest

October 26-November 19!

Solo Queens Fest will be featuring three solo female artists presenting their award-winning solo shows. In addition, each artist will be presenting their own instructional workshop as to creating material for your own solo show.

This festival will celebrate women and their (the artists') life experiences!

Valerie Hager's NAKED IN ALASKA

The performance schedule for the festival is as follows

10/28 at 7:30pm
10/29 at 3pm
11/2 at 7:30pm
11/5 at 11am
11/10 at 7:30pm
11/12 at 1pm
11/18 at 7:30pm
11/19 at 3pm

10/27 at 7:30pm
10/29 at 1pm
11/4 at 7:30pm
11/5 at 3pm
11/9 at 7:30pm
11/12 at 11am
11/17 at 7:30pm
11/19 at 1pm

10/26 at 7:30pm
10/28 at 11am
11/3 at 7:30pm
11/5 at 1pm
11/11 at 7:30pm
11/12 at 3pm
11/16 at 7:30pm
11/19 at 11am

Three instructional workshops will be presented during this festival, each hosted by one of the artists on a selected Saturday in November.

11/4- Valerie Hager (1pm-3pm)
SOLOfire Workshop
In this experiential workshop, participants will explore their own personal history through creative writing prompts, invigorating movement exercises, visualization, and meditation. Each participant will get opportunities to share their own stories, life themes, and creative expression through partner and group work, and through the course of the workshop further recognize and unleash the deeper stories they truly long to tell.

11/10 - Elizabeth Liang (1pm-3pm)
Elizabeth (Lisa) leads workshops on creating your solo show, memoir, or personal essay. Anyone who grew up or is currently living between or among different worlds, as a bridge or an island or both (whatever that may mean to you), will get a lot from this class. The sessions are helpful for anyone with a story they want to share. Lisa has led these workshops at Princeton University, DePaul University, CalStateLA, and in private workshops in L.A. and via Skype with participants all over the world.

11/18 - Kristina Wong (11am-1pm)
'nuff said.

Valerie has performed in film and theatre across the country, including The Intention of Lying, Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia, and Dracula at New York's Symphony Space. Her most celebrated solo show, Naked In Alaska: The Behind The Scenes True Story Of Stripping, has been performed over 60 times in three different countries reaching over 5,000 audiences members. Aside from acting, performance, and playwriting, she teaches SOLOfire: A Writing & Movement Workshop for Personal Transformation.

Elizabeth Liang is an actress, writer, and workshop leader. Her one-woman show, Alien Citizen: an earth odyssey, had a full run in Hollywood in May 2013 and is on its international tour through theatres, festivals, Off Off Broadway, the college circuit, conferences, international schools, and US Embassies. Her essays on developing the show and producing Chekhov's Three Sisters have been published and reprinted.

Kristina Wong is a performance artist, comedian and writer who has created five solo shows and one ensemble play that have toured across North America and the UK. Her newest solo show “The Wong Street Journal” navigates White Privilege as an Asian American “Mzungu” in East Africa. She has taught at Cal Arts in the MFA Creative Writing Program.
Valerie Hager
Valerie Hager
Valerie Hager is a former exotic dancer, “not to be missed” (NoHo LA) actor, award-winning solo show writer-performer, teacher, and movement artist. She has performed on stages throughout NYC including but not limited to Off-Broadway 59E59, The Barrow Group, as well as having written six solo shows that have traveled throughout the US, UK, and Europe.

Her solo show, Naked In Alaska, has performed over 60 times to over 5,000 audience members around the world—including Off-Broadway, Edinburgh Fringe, Rome’s GendErotica Festival, and the Last Frontier Theatre Festival founded by Edward Albee in Alaska itself. Valerie appeared in Warner Brothers' The Invention of Lying, Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia, Discovery Channel's Guilty or Innocent, and the award-winning short film The Harshest Place. She is currently in training at The Actor’s Gang and developing Naked In Alaska her one woman show into a series.

Lastly, Valerie’s writing and movement workshop SOLOfire has been featured at The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, awarded numerous New York City grants and has been brought to New Mexico; Rhode Island, and the prestigious Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska. Her earliest training came from her father, mime artist Jerry Hager, as his silent sidekick Punky the Clown. Later, she continued to train in mime and movement under Rick Wamer at The School for Mime at Kenyon College.
Venue Information:
Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90057