Solo Queens Fest - Kristina Wong's How to Be A Badass Bitch

Bootleg Theater and Solo Queens Fest presents

Solo Queens Fest - Kristina Wong's How to Be A Badass Bitch

Sat. November 18, 2017

Doors: 10:30 am / Show: 11:00 am (event ends at 1:00 pm)

Bootleg Theater

Los Angeles, CA


Within the most “problematic” or “scary” idea for solo performance is ripe material for self-satire and deeper social commentary. Let’s take the ugly things we’ve always wanted to explore and craft them into stunning (if not hilarious) performance work. In this workshop, we’ll use humor, satire, masking, and meta-theatrical devices to make the most dreadful things a little easier to swallow.  Whether or not you have a “bad idea” that you’ve wanted to explore, you’ll leave with a few tools to make more unapologetic writing and performance!  Open to participants of all genders.  

15 people max!

Lead by one of our Solo Queens, The Wong Street Journal's KRISTINA WONG

Saturday, November 18 at 11am


Solo Queens Fest
Solo Queens Fest
Bootleg Presents Solo Queens Fest

October 25-November 18!

Solo Queens Fest will be featuring three solo female artists presenting their award-winning solo shows.

This festival will celebrate women and their (the artists') life experiences!

Bri Pruett's STELLAR
Shaina Lynn's BAYOU BLUES

The performance schedule for the festival is as follows

10/25 at 7:30pm
10/28 at 11:00am
11/2 at 7:30pm
11/4 at 1:00pm
11/8 at 7:30pm
11/11 at 3:00pm
11/15 at 7:30pm
11/18 at 11:00am

10/26 at 7:30pm
10/28 at 1:00pm
11/3 at 7:30pm
11/4 at 3:00pm
11/10 at 7:30pm
11/11 at 11:00am
11/16 at 7:30pm
11/18 at 1:00pm

10/27 at 7:30pm
10/28 at 3:00pm
11/1 at 7:30pm
11/4 at 11:00am
11/9 at 7:30pm
11/11 at 1:00pm
11/17 at 7:30pm
11/18 at 3:00pm
Kristina Wong
Kristina Wong
Kristina Wong was recently featured in the New York Times’ Off Color series “highlighting artists of color who use humor to make smart social statements about the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious ways that race plays out in America today.” She is a performance artist, comedian and writer who has created five solo shows and one ensemble play that have toured across North America and the UK. Her most notable touring show– “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” looked at the high rates of depression and suicide among Asian American women and toured dozens of venues across the United States since 2006.

Her newest solo show “The Wong Street Journal” navigates White Privilege as an Asian American “Mzungu” in East Africa. She spent a month in Northern Uganda recording a hit rap album “Mzungu Price” with local rappers and doing research for that show. Kristina’s mail order bride website is She has taught at Cal Arts in the MFA Creative Writing Program and twice given the commencement speech at UCLA, her alma mater.
Venue Information:
Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90057