Electric Six

Bootleg Theater Presents

Electric Six

The Manx, Northern Faces

Sat. April 7, 2018

8:30 pm

Bootleg Theater

Los Angeles, CA

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is all ages

Electric Six
Electric Six
Eternal life can seem like an eternity. Ask any vampire. The continuous march of sun ups, sun downs, transformations of form, seductions, cape fittings & exsanguinations. Eventually it all just becomes an endless, tired routine. It all seems so exciting & so sexy to those of us who operate knowing we have limited time. But ask any vampire about the downside of eternal life, & you won't be surprised to hear tales of binge eating garlic bread just to feel the hurt, or of the occasional dangling of a wooden stake just over the center of the rib cage. Electric Six knows all about eternal life. Electric Six has been around forever & it can never die. That's lovely, but it's also very tiring. Fresh Blood For Tired Vampyres is the new release by Electric Six on Metropolis Records. One listen & you will immediately understand that the sexiest vampires are urban vampires. Where E6 has dabbled in dance, hip-hop & R&B in the past, Fresh Blood is the whole enchilada. It's thirteen songs designed to make the listener interested in smooth & nasty fuckin', the way they do it in the city. From the Grandmaster Flash-inspired Number Of The Beast to the super smooth tour of the NYC outer boroughs Mood Is Improving, the listener finds himself immediately deposited into an urban drop zone with hustlas & dickblockas coming from behind every corner. The radio-ready pop hits I'll Be In Touch & Dance With Dark Forces are the tracks that get the listener off the street & into the club. & it would not be an Electric Six album without an epic closer, that being the beautiful & haunting Spacewalkin', the ballad that assures the listener that the vampire has now fed & will live a thousand more years, albeit in outer space. Electric Six changes more frequently than change itself, but ultimately this just means they're never gonna put out the same album twice. Fresh Blood for Tired Vampires is poppy & smooth, nasty & raw...& oh so life affirming, especially if you are undead

Electric Six is:

Dick Valentine - Vocals
Da Ve - Guitar
Johnny Na$hinal - Guitar
Rob Lower - Bass
Tait Nucleus? - Keyboard
Two Handed Bob - Drums
The Manx
The Manx
"After existing for a number of years and releasing a series of EPs, LA’s weirdest, coolest musicians are releasing their debut full-length LP. The Manx have been described by many as “Gypsy punks” or “folk punk,” and that’s a reasonably apt description. The attitude in their music and their performances is definitely in line with that of punk. But the instrumentation has less to do with punk than just about anything else. Mandolin, accordion, banjo, upright bass, and drums make up this quintet of misfits, thus the association with folk and Gypsy music. The album also includes trumpets, violins, piano, and other interesting instrumentation. And, while their past recorded output has been pretty much in the folk punk tradition, this latest effort is more adventuresome and diverse. There certainly is folk-punk here, but there are also songs that are more pop-like, those that are more cinematic, and those that are like fun cartoons. Which makes a lot of sense, since some members of the band work at Cartoon Network in various capacities. Adding to the fantastic oddness are vocals that range from the aforementioned cartoon voiceover sound to death metal and everything in between. As good as the previous EPs have been, “Voyage in Bad Taste” is more than a step up. The musicianship is top notch, the arrangements are engaging, the recording quality is superb, and the writing is awesome, leading to a listening experience that’s just plain fun. The Manx have even managed to recruit a couple of notable guests for the album. “Rainbow Hammer” features The Melvins’ King Buzzo, while “Fruit Bats” features narration from artist Gregory Jacobsen. Both are standouts. But, then, all the songs are standouts.
Northern Faces
Northern Faces
The band features Shortell and Marco Testa on vocals and guitars,
and Matt Ippolito on bass. After solidifying their lineup in early
2012 the band headed to an isolated cabin in Vermont to begin writing
their debut effort. Free of technology and other daily distractions,
the band wrote the six songs that comprise their impressive debut EP,
Southern Places. The EP was released through Equal Vision Records
March 5, 2013 and is available through MerchNOW.com.
Venue Information:
Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90057