Bootleg Theater Presents


Pablo Dylan, Eric McEntee

Wed. January 30, 2019

8:30 pm

Bootleg Theater - Bar Stage

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

"Balto sound like the kind of band you’d want playing in the background as you cruise down the highway with a road soda clutched in your hand." - What Youth

Following an ill-fated six-month stint as a copy editor and telemarketer in Moscow, guitarist and songwriter Dan Sheron returned to the US and recorded a record called October’s Road. The debut garnered the attention of dozens of blogs and publications worldwide as an underground songwriting gem of 2011.

Over time, Balto transformed from a songwriting vehicle into a rock n roll band – performing a boozy, swaggering style of American music rooted at the intersection of Motown, Big Star, Plastic Ono Band-era Lennon, and Jackson Browne. More releases followed: Monuments – 2012, Call it By Its Name – 2015, Strangers – 2017, Songs for Viktor - 2018; upon which the band toured the lower 48, Alaska, Europe, and Russia and joined national acts (David Nail, The Revivalists, Blind Pilot, The Current Swell, etc) all over the Northwest. Their interactive live performances have drawn comparisons to fiery indie rockers My Morning Jacket and Wilco, while Seattle-based curators Artist Home describe last year’s LP Strangers as “a tangle of beautiful, messy emotions, wrapped up in a sound that’s warmly familiar yet brimming with soul and tiny details that are touched by magic.”
Pablo Dylan
Pablo Dylan
Los Angeles born and raised, Pablo Dylan grew up
with music at the center of his life. At a young age, he
discovered his personal passion for the art and drew
inspiration from famous Literary Scholar Edgar Allan Poe
and US President/Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant with
the ambition of yearning to make his mark on the world
just the same.
After releasing his first mixtape, 10 Minutes, as a
15-year-old in 2011, Dylan earned production credits on
songs with artists like Erykah Badu, ASAP Rocky, OG
Maco, D.R.A.M., and Brent Faiyaz. But with time, he grew
disillusioned with the process of creating songs just to
please A&Rs and being told to focus on sales projections
instead of artistic integrity. So, he took a break from
Pablo Dylan took a step back and reevaluated everything.
He looked around at the rest of the country and realized
“we live in a different America than we lived in when I was
writing some of those older songs.” He describes it as
“a kind of the defining moment in terms of our country’s
character and its ability to change,” and explains that
this is what inspired his forthcoming album. In this new
project, Pablo introduces an introspective and luminous
folk rock sound inspired by his infamous lineage. Born
out of experimentation, the project is layered with dark,
moody sounds, heartfelt melodies, and lyrics about
personal experiences.
Eric McEntee
Eric McEntee
"The work of L.A. songwriter Eric J. McEntee stokes the fires kindled by ’70s folk and pop song artists whose lush, clarion songs are easy on the ears, if hard on the heart."

Born in California, schooled in New York City; Eric McEntee began writing songs almost as soon as he picked up a guitar and has written and performed regularly since. Busking in Paris, New York and California... His songwriting grew out of a devout interest in Folk Music: the glorious passage of songs nameless and ancient into whatever they might become…

The songs McEntee himself writes often carry the echo of another era but actually make subtle reference to a past that may have been lost, lost songwriters and songs alike, which informs his approach. Through his voice and guitar playing, McEntee is in numerous ways, a link to what he listens to most: The 1960's Greenwich Village Songwriter Milieu and countless other songwriters he discovered along the way that seemed forgotten by history: Bread, Love and Dreams, Rodriguez, Val Stoecklein, John Stewart to name a few…

With an ear toward writing something almost forgotten of his own, he previously self-released two EP’s; those who heard them were often stunned by the clarity of production and the songwriting form which seemed to be held some 50 years away... Time changes everything, but McEntee still holds to a simple practice where the only thing that matters is the song. The craft of songwriting seems perfectly analogous to discuss the mysteries, discoveries and nature at work in both life and music for him; one reflects the other. He's currently based in California.
Venue Information:
Bootleg Theater - Bar Stage
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90057