Archives of all the past Theater & Dance events produced and presented by our non-profit side - Rampart Theater Project, Inc.


2007 Co-Prod with Jef Bek’s Co. Evel Knievel The Rock Opera brings the iconic daredevil’s life to the musical stage for the first time. With original music in classic 1970s rock style, the show follows Evel on his journey from his struggling days as a copper miner in Butte, Montana, to his triumphant arrival on the […]

365 Days/365 Plays

Co-Prod with Mr. & Mrs. Kickass Week 17 March 5th-March 11th Written by Suzan-Lori Parks – In 2002, Suzan-Lori Parks had the idea to write a play for every day of the year. Four years later, her plays were produced nation wide into a unique theatre festival with Bootleg Theatre premiering selected plays from her series. […]

More 2007 events

HOWARD SETH COHEN & TAWNY FEATHERSTON WEDDING HALLOWEEN FREAK FURZ PARTY (Prod by Willy Watz) LADYBIRD (Co-Prod with RushForth) HOT YOUNG GIRLS ARE EVIL (Co-Prod with Orphean Circus) MOBY DICK REHEARSED (Co-Prod with Rob Adler) MEDIANOCHE (Produced by Ground Works) COYOLXAUHQUI REMEMBERS (Produced by Latina Dance Company) INTERVIEWING AN AUDIENCE (Co-Prod with Mr. & Mrs. Kickass)