Blaktina 2 Dance Festival

The BlakTina 2 Festival is a movement festival of cutting-edge work presented by Licia Perea of the Latina Dance Theater Project (LDTP) and the Bootleg Theater.  This is our second exciting year featuring Latina (o) and Black choreographers in one festival and we will highlight the works of 10 fantastic choreographers and their dazzling dancers! 

This  year’s choreographers are:  Cyrian Reed, Crystal Sepúlveda, Dorcas Roman, Joshua Romero, Marina Magalhães & Allison Gray, Maura Townsend, Michelle Funderburk, Rande Dorn and Sofia Carreras!

Thurs, Sept 4 @ 7:30pm - Fri, Sept 5 @ 7:30pm - Sat, Sept 6 @ 7:30pm

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